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Our Expertise

Amazon Web Services

The biggest cloud vendor which holds a major market share and offers the widest portfolio of products. We have thousands of hours of experience in the AWS cloud and our team members are certified professionals.

Google Cloud Platform

The most developer-friendly cloud brings the smoothest Kubernetes experience and plenty of interesting approaches on how to build your scalable app. We love GCP!


Kubernetes became a de facto standard in the DevOps. We know how to design systems in Kubernetes, we know to work with all major vendor systems and on-premise solutions.

Immutable Infrastructure

The cloud is built to support immutable infrastructure. We will save you the trouble of mutable infrastructure issues. Those are a thing of the past now.

Using infrastructure as code brings many advantages – it improves security, incident detection and resolution, reduces the number of support calls, eliminates configuration drift, enables fast recovery and much more.


The cloud-computing execution model managed by cloud vendors allows for a dynamic infrastructure resources allocation. It is the most effective auto-scaling and cost-aware approach.

Edge Computing

User experience is crucial, it is a key to success, more so than ever before. Edge computing is a distributed paradigm that brings computation and data closer to the user.


We have deep knowledge and vast experience of building applications designed for both regular and intensive use, where fault tolerance and zero downtime are an absolute must. We have gained many years of hard-earned expertise. Lessons learned help us to achieve our goals today.

We Use Modern Technology Stack


Go (Golang) is a programming language created at Google, specifically for their cloud needs. Most of today's cloud infrastructure was built using this language. It is fast, secure and efficient.


React has changed the web world. Not only does it bring an amazing user experience, it is also very efficient for building underlying server infrastructure.


Docker Containers let us bundle key services outside underlying infrastructure. This allows us to rethink the deployment of applications and to take advantage of cloud infrastructure.


Kubernetes can solve big problems with ease. It takes any application, separates it from its environment and production, and scales it - the sky's the limit. This technology is verified by the biggest players in the industry.

Case Studies

Our Work

Case Studies

High-Performance Computing Tasks

Processing various data-intensive tasks in the Kubernetes cluster. Real-time analytics with Apache Kafka and API for monitoring and managing tasks available for other corporate systems.


Petabytes of Energy Assets

System designed for processing petabytes of data in long-running tasks with AWS Batch. The machine learning algorithm helps to create research reports and predictions for energy assets in the USA.

Discover Energy

Hundreds of Thousands of Prints

Print services that bring beautiful prints to hundreds of thousands of customers. The cloud-native system runs in AWS. It was designed to be fault tolerant in different areas.

Parabo Press

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