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What We Do

Solutions Development

We are engineers with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We build powerful highly scalable solutions that fit entirely in the cloud. User experience matters to us. That is why we use modern React frameworks to build frontend solutions and why we prefer serverless components that scale well.

We are certified by professional organizations. Our knowledge has been proved by a number of professional certificates.

Cloud Migration

We take your existing infrastructure and migrate it to the cloud so that your on-premises solution becomes a highly-scalable containerized application and an incredibly quick and efficient one in the cloud (Kubernetes, ECS, Docker Swarm) – regardless of the technology used.

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Cost Optimization

We reduce your overall cloud costs by identifying mismanaged resources, unnecessary expenses, and discounts you can take advantage of.

We suggest changes to your solution to ensure that your resources are used effectively, e.g. Spot Instances, Reserved Instances, serverless.

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Our team consists of ethical hackers whose expertise is validated by top industry certifications (OSCP, CEH). They make sure your cloud is safe.

We perform penetration testing as part of the process to make sure the designed solutions meet the highest security standards

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Case Studies

Our Work

Case Studies

High-Performance Computing Tasks

Processing various data-intensive tasks in the Kubernetes cluster. Real-time analytics with Apache Kafka and API for monitoring and managing tasks available for other corporate systems.


Petabytes of Energy Assets

System designed for processing petabytes of data in long-running tasks with AWS Batch. The machine learning algorithm helps to create research reports and predictions for energy assets in the USA.

Discover Energy

Hundreds of Thousands of Prints

Print services that bring beautiful prints to hundreds of thousands of customers. The cloud-native system runs in AWS. It was designed to be fault tolerant in different areas.

Parabo Press

20+ Years of Experience

We are a remote-based company with 20+ years of experience in cloud computing. We are Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform expert, a team of engineers from Houston and Prague.

We love easy solutions that work. Solutions that are highly scalable and fault tolerant. As Amazon CTO Worner Vogels says: “Everything fails, all the time.” Mistakes happen, that is a given. The important thing is to take this into account and eliminate the impact potential failures might have.

We know how to build cloud-native solutions and keep your business safe. We will help you reach your clients across the globe with an incredibly fast and pleasant user experience.

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